Luna 2



  • Semi-reflex Section
  • Strong Shark Nose
  • Tip Steering Handles
  • Elliptical arc
  • 135mm Speed Bar Travel
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18 20 23 26
18 20 23 26

Altitude is Attitude


Fly like an eagle with Navid Saleki! 更多

New Luna 2 size 18m² – Tech by Navid!


New Luna 2 18 is out now and in stock! There's more to a Luna 2 than meets the eye. Here's the tech specs, with Navid Saleki. 更多

On the Fly - Covid-19


Navid takes to the sky post-lockdown and you can feel his excitement! "After a 2 month hard lock-down here in Italy we finally got out of the house and got to fly. This flight was especially nice, and just a great day with nice people around (at... 更多

Experience Groundlessness - Magic Motor


Recently, we have all become groundless. We are in times of change and the ability to adapt will make the difference. We hope this film will help you during these times and bring you to a space of freedom you may have never felt before. 更多

Rider with Foxy on the Beach


The bliss of flying the Luna 2 along a Italian beach! 更多

Discovery Adventure E01 Trailer


Official Trailer for Discovering Adventure Episode 1 is the pilot video documenting 5-year old, Isabelle Green's, greatest adventure yet: traveling with her family to Norway to SKY CAMP in the winter snow, PARAGLIDE over barren mountain ranges and... 更多

Bene flies 353km triangle in dust-filled sky!

Bene flies 353km triangle in dust-filled sky!


On Tuesday 23 February 2021, team pilot Bene Bös flew a 353km FAI triangle in 6h 8min on his Luna2 23.

The southern winds have brought Saharan sand into the atmosphere across swathes of Europe, and his flight was in the eerie, orange light this causes.

He flew with the powerful FlyProducts...


137km triangle mid-winter in Germany


Benedikt Bös pulled off a 137.8km FAI triangle in -8C the other morning before work, flying his Luna 2 23 and Fly Products Eclipse / Atom 80.

"I had to wait a long time until the sky opened so I lost lot of time. I had to be at work 14:00. On the second leg I had to shortcut my planned course a...


137km triangle mid-winter in Germany

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