Luna 2


Ampliando las posibilidades de exploración aérea para pilotos experimentados.

  • Reflex profile
  • Morro de Tiburón fuerte
  • Tip Steering Toggles
  • Elliptical arc
  • 135mm Speed Bar Travel
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18 20 23 26
18 20 23 26

In Madness Lies Wisdom


Produced by BGD Crew Ant Green, "In Madness Lies Wisdom" is a short lifestyle film with inspiration from Alain Watts. A few years in the making, it features some images I shot with Tim Green from some of our adventures in France, Spain, Maderia,... Más

Manu's Rodeo


Paramotor looping in the South of France, with Manu Teijeiro, on the Zest.

Filmed in 2019, directed by Marc Laurin Más

EN-A Magic - Colored undersuface


The EN-A Magic has new colours: the undersurface of the glider is now coloured to match the top surface. It's now even more easily spotted from the ground. Más

Blizzard - TECH - Have a Blast


Find out about some of the new exciting technical features of the Blizzard from Tyr, Navid, and Pasquale in this short technical film Más

Fly the Summit - Full Episode


Tim and Ant Green head to Chamonix to break a world record and drop Leo Slemett off on Mont Blanc du Tacul. Más

June 2023 Events Calendar

June 2023 Events Calendar


These are the events BGD will be attending in June:

15-18 June
International Paramotor Meeting
Ballenstedt, Germany

28 June - 2 July...


EPIC 2 MOTOR: La Vida Loca!


­The EPIC 2 is now certified both ways: DGAC for powered flight, EN B for free flight.

If the EPIC 2 is for living the good life, the EPIC 2 MOTOR is for the crazy life, la vida loca. It’s fun on steroids!

It is delivered with our paramotor risers which have an efficient trimmer...


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