Lars Mielke


Already during his childhood, Lars Mielke was driven by mastering new challenges, as an adult he started paragliding in 2014 in Sweden along the beautiful coast of Hammas. His experience with motorsports and his love for engines brought him to paramotoring in 2015. In 2017, he started his company which specialized in tandem flights and Paramotor equipment. The company was complemented by the brand BGD in 2019. At the largest paramotor meeting in Germany in 2019, BGD Team Pilot Bene Bös introduced him to the Paramotor Competition flying. In the same year, he was awarded best Newcomer at the British Open Paramotor Championships. In the overall ranking he was able to reach the 5th place. In 2020 Lars flew the first time along the coast of Andalusia, an experience which is unsurpassed in its beauty by any other landscape for him so far. Since 2019 he is fascinated by the glider design technology of BGD, which he likes to push to its limits to fly as efficiently as possible. The father of twins finds satisfaction in Acrobatic and long XC-flights. In 2020 he inspired his wife Yvonne to get into flying as well. She has been using the BGD Magic for her Paragliding and Paramotor flights ever since. Both enjoy their flights together very much.

#Adventure, #Competition, #Acrobatic

  • Age : 36
  • Flying since : 2014
  • Current kit : Luna 2 18 and Dual 2
  • Top sites : Germany North-Sea and Baltic Sea, Andalusia, Sweden
  • Gig : Electronics Technician
  • Bad weather fillers : Paramotoring, Paragliding, Motocross