Jamie Freese

united states

Jamie grew up in central Florida where as a young girl she frequently observed paramotor pilots taking to the skies. Never knowing how obtainable powered paragliding actually was, almost twenty years later, she signed up for a class to learn to fly. In early 2020, under her own power, her feet left the ground for the first time. She has been hooked ever since, flying every chance she gets. Describing the freedom of flight as one of the most incredible things she has experienced. Outside of paramotoring she enjoys riding downhill mountain bikes, dirtbikes and spending time with her family. Working as an occupational therapy assistant, she helps people regain daily life skills after illness or injury. In hopes one day of sharing her love of flying, she aspires to become tandem certified. Utah, Iceland, Italy and France are all on her list of places she plans to travel to fly her paramotor. Jamie chooses to fly BGD because she feels that the vibrancy of the world from above is reflected in the stunning beauty of their gliders.

#Adventure, #Shutterbug

  • Alter : 34
  • Fliegt seit : 2020
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : Luna 2
  • Top Webseiten : Florida, Pennsylvania
  • Gig : Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Weitere Tätigkeiten bei schlechtem Wetter : Downhill mountain biking, motocross, skiing and rock climbing