BGD Garantie

2 Jahre oder 200 Stunden

The company BGD takes the greatest care in design and production of its products and proudly offers 2 years or 200 hours/ flights warranty, from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

In order to enjoy any benefits of the BGD warranty, you are required to complete the warranty form on the website in the “Warranty” section, within 14 days of purchase. Only a fully completed warranty form will be accepted to validate this warranty.

In order to settle a warranty claim, BGD must be notified immediately after discovery of a defect in writing and the affected product (product only in stuff sack, not including rucksack or accessories) must be sent for inspection (at the owners cost) to BGD at the following address: BGD GmbH - Am Gewerbepark 11 - 9413 St. Gertraud. - Austria. Please include a letter with the returned product giving the serial number, when and where the product was purchased, a return address as well as the nature of the warrenty claim.

BGD will then decide how a possible fault should be repaired, either through repair, replacement of parts or replacement of the product. Solely BGD or an agreed service centre should undertake repair or replacement of the damaged parts. If unapproved third parties undertake repair work, there will be no entitlement to compensation under this warranty. The owner is not entitled to replacement equipment during the warranty claim.

Some degradation of materials due to wear and tear is to be considered normal and will be excluded from claims. Claims due to careless or incorrect use of the product including accidents, inadequate maintenance, unsuitable storage, damage by solvents, fuel, chemicals, sand or seawater, overloading, exposure to extreme temperatures, or prolonged sun exposure and colour fading are also excluded.

The claim for warranty service exists between the person or entity who purchased the equipment from BGD. The warranty obligations only apply to private sport and leisure time activities, not for use for commercial purposes.

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