Tim Green

united states

Tim Green started paragliding with his brother in 2004 where they bought a skydive parachute off Ebay.com and ran off cliffs. Self-taught the two processed into acrobatics and competitions competing and winning in 2009 with their ultra-synchronized runs. He know owns and operates a small film productions company in Annecy, France with his wife and daughter.


  • Возраст : 34
  • Летает с 2004
  • Летает в данный момент на : Echo
  • Места полетов : Annecy, France Coloma, USA
  • Профессия : Film Production
  • Погодные условия : Skiing, Wake boarding, Kite Surfing, Sailing
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    2019 – Greenland Adventure – Flying and Paramotoring in isolation
    2019 – Transmaldives – Flying 1500km from North to South with paramotors
    2018 – Philippines – Island hopping and kite discovery adventure
    2014 – FAI Altitude World Record – Tandem Paramotor
    2009 – 1st European Championships overall – synchronised paragliding acrobatics
    2007 – 1st in World Championships in the USA, and 11th worldwide – synchronised paragliding acrobatics

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