Sérgio China Kawakami


He started free flying in 1983, through his school friends. He is from a generation who enjoyed motorbikes, surfing and skateboarding. At that time, it was an unusual thing to do go to the mountain and fly Hang Gliding. He did a lot of training, travel and rapidly evolved, participating in competitions regional and national. In 1989 he met the paraglider and again it was a new challenge with the low performance sails of that time. He participated in the whole evolution of the sport, flying with the first experimental prototypes. In 1993 when he returned from Japan where he was doing an MBA and working, he participated in the formation of the largest Paramotor team in the world with 10 members, with support from Coca Cola, we flew through Brazil promoting the brand and from there new projects, focused in paramotor, started happening.


  • 年齢 : 60
  • フライト歴 : 1989
  • 現在のキット : Luna 2
  • トップサイト : Amazon
  • ギグ : Instructor and Media editor, owner of the brand Airboysteam
  • 悪天候 : Air Sports, Mountain Bike, Sailing
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