BGD Team

Benedikt (Bene) Bös

  • 国家 Germany
  • 飞行资历 2007
  • 现场所用的伞具 BGD Luna
  • 最喜爱飞行埸地 Sweden, Dubai
  • 职位 BGD Sales Paramotor
  • 运动 Paramotor/Paragliding


BGD Paramotor Team



Spring 2007 I hiked up a mountain in Austria, it was very hot, my knees hurt and I knew I need to walk down also. Than I saw the pilots getting airborn with 2-3 steps and I knew I need to learn this.
I started the course in summer 2007 when I finished school but had not too much airtime in the beginning as I had no driver license. In 2010 I got my Paramotor License and visited the first international meeting in 2012. After some swedish pilots told me about flying all night long in the midnightsun I knew I need to start to travel and see the world.
Flying is my passion and all my life is focused on it. Thanks to Paramotoring I made friends all over the world and was flying in countries like Sweden, Spain or Dubai.


  • 1. Place "Paramotor Playground" - CZ 2016
  • 3. Place German Paramotor Championships 2016
  • 2. Place Trofeo Montegrappa Paramotor Cup - Bassano 2015
  • 1. Place FunCup Deutscher Motorschirmpokal 2015
  • 1. Place "2nd World Paramotor Endurance Cup 2018 (FAI Cat. 2)"
  • 1. Place "Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2018"


Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös
Benedikt (Bene) Bös


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