Benedikt (Bene) Bös


Bene discovered paragliding while hiking in Austria, he knew that he need to learn this when he saw how the pilots took off into the air with 2-3 steps. After getting his paragliding licence before his driving licence in 2008 he started to fly paramotors in 2010. When he met some Swedish pilots at the international Paramotormeeting in France 2012 who told him about flying the midnight sun, he knew that it was time to start travelling and exploring the world from the air. Thanks to paramotoring he made friends all over the world, flying in many European countries as well as exotic spots like the Skyline of Dubai. When he’s not flying or travelling you’ll find him working as an orthopedic technician building prosthetics and orthotics. Since 2016 Bene started flying classic and endurance competitions. Besides these he enjoys long XCs in the morning and precise, low-level flying.

#Adventure, #Competition, #Acrobatic

  • Age : 29
  • Flying since 2007
  • Current kit : BGD Luna 2 20
  • Top sites : Sweden, Germany, Italy
  • Gig : Orthopedic Technician
  • Bad weather fillers : Paramotoring, Paragliding
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    2015, Italy, 2. Place » Trofeo Montegrappa Paramotor Cup
    2015, Germany, 1. Place » FunCup Deutscher Motorschirmpokal
    2016, Czech Republic, 1. Place » Paramotor Playground
    2016, Germany, 3. Place » German Paramotor Championships
    2017, Czech Republic, 26. Place » 6th FAI European Paramotor Championship
    2018, Estonia, 1. Place » 2nd World Paramotor Endurance Cup (FAI Cat. 2)
    2018, Estonia, 1. Place » Nordic Open Paramotor Endurance Race
    2019, Great Britain, 1. Place » British Open Paramotor Championship

    2013, Sweden, my first flight in the midnight sun
    2015, UAE – Dubai, flying directly in front of the skycrapers of Dubai Marina Skyline and the Palm
    2018, Germany, my first 100km FAI with average speed over 60km/h
    2019, Germany, footlaunch bivouac flying with homemade paramotor tent

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