Navid Saleki


Pretty early in my life I was told to aim high and hit lower, I am always into trying new things. Back in 2014 I suddenly decided I wanted to fly wingsuit so I started skydiving. Soon after I stopped because I was not “flying” long enough so I never flew wingsuit. Then I tried paragliding but I could not fly enough as I needed special conditions and location. Then I discovered paramotoring which in my opinion is the best of both worlds and now I am all into making it my second nature! Say yes more and we’ll meet in the sky! Since I started flying I was scouting for wings that let me advance my flying, enjoy my flying and after looking around I even gave the ‘’weird but cool-looking wing’’ a try, it was a LUNA 2. I decided, this is my wing. I now fly a LUNA 3, and have got into paramotor slalom. My goal with flying is not only seeking thrills but also seeing unknown places and making life an adventure!

#Adventure, #Acrobatic

  • 年龄 : 37
  • 开始飞行的年份 : 2014
  • 当前使用装备 : Luna 3
  • 主要飞行场地 : Fly Fermo, Italy Archipelago, Sweden Desert, anywhere All new to come...
  • 职业 : Project manager
  • 其他爱好 : BMX, downhill, extreme sports



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