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Heavyweight Trikes

The Cyclone is a semi-reflex paramotor wing made to carry heavy loads: it’s a whirlwind of strength, with a surprisingly light touch.


34 38 42
34 38 42


  34 38 42
線形倍率 0.95 1 1.05
投影面積(m²) 28.6 32 35.3
展開面積(m²) 34 38 41.8
グライダー重量(kg) 8.1 8.4 9.2
総ライン長(m) 420 470 509
高さ(m) 7.9 8.4 9.2
各ライン数(A / B / C) 4/5/4/4
セル 54
展開アスペクト比 5.1
投影アスペクト比 3.6
ルートコード(m) 3.2 3.4 3.6
展開スパン(m) 13.1 13.9 14.6
投影スパン(m) 10.1 10.7 11.3
トリム速度(km / h) 60 50 50
最高速度(km / h) 70
最小沈下 (m/s) 1.5
最良滑空 8
飛行重量(kg) 100-400 120-450 150-450
Load Test (kg) 550
Airworthiness Certificate Yes


The Cyclone is a tough and strong semi-reflex wing for powered flight. It’s designed for trike or foot-launching, tandem or solo, and available in 34m², 38m² and 42m² sizes.

A stable and collapse-resistant wing with good roll stability ensures comfortable flights for both passenger and pilot, while sharp but light handling means it’s easy to have fun with too. It’s easy to launch and land without the need for long runways, inflating uniformly and rising quickly with no tendency to overshoot. The specialist risers have long-range trimmers and tip-steering handles, and an A-assist system to help with trike launches. This links the A-risers to the trike, so the trike pulls the A riser instead of the pilot, leaving the pilot’s hands free to control the throttle and steering.

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Light Handling

Through a combination of design techniques, we’ve kept the handling light even when fully loaded. This not only increases the fun-factor, but also reduces fatigue on the pilot.

A-Assist System

The A-assist system links the A-risers to additional risers on the trike, leaving the pilot’s hands free to control the throttle and steering.

Roller-Cam Trimmers

The new Roller-Cam trimmers on the Cyclone risers are smooth and easy to pull on and release, and gentle on the webbing too. They simply glide on and off!



PPG Stability

The Cyclone is a very solid and collapse-resistant wing, which will ride through turbulence well. Its roll stability ensures flights are smooth and comfortable for the passenger

Tip Steering

We have added dedicated magnetically fastened tip steering handles into the glider to make high-speed manoeuvres easy and safer.

Power Risers

The Cyclone’s Power Risers are robust and strong, made from 20mm webbing and specifically designed for trike and foot-launch tandem with heavy loads. All the components from the smooth Roller-Cam trimmers to the A-assist system, are strong and durable, and the easy-grab tip-steering handles have magnetic keepers.

Smooth Launch

Whether launched with the trike A-assist system, or with the pilot pulling the A’s, the Cyclone rises smoothly and uniformly into the air and has little or no tendency to overfly.


The ability to introduce others to the unique sensations and perspectives of flight is something all tandem pilots everywhere know and love. Using trikes opens it up to just about everyone, making flight possible for passengers with restricted mobility who would not be able to foot-launch. Roll stability ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

This wing is for professional or leisure tandem paramotor pilots, or for carrying loads. It can be used for transporting equipment to out-of-the-way places, or for sky-camping with room for some extra luxuries.


This is the strongest and most durable wing we have ever built. It has a solid leading edge, designed using hundreds of simulations with our Alula software and constructed with a smooth, clean finish thanks to our Cord Cut Billow panel shaping.

It’s a heavy-duty wing with a big load-carrying ability, but it’s no lumbering truck. We think all wings should have great handling, and the Cyclone is no exception. The brake-reefing system allows us to keep brake pressure light, so it’s easy to have fun with and you don’t need to be built like the Hulk to fly it.

The new Roller-Cam trimmers on the Cyclone risers are smooth and easy to pull on and release, and are gentle on the webbing too. They simply glide on and off!

The Cyclone is an efficient wing with a fast cruising speed. To avoid the profile deformation which could occur if steering with the brakes at trimmers-out high speeds, there is a tip-steering system operated by a separate handle on the riser, for steering while fast-cruising.

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パラグライダー / コンプレッションストラップ / ライザーケース / インナーケース / リュックサック / 交換用のトリマー / リペアキット / Manual card / BGD stickers / BGD giveaway


Top surface Porcher Skytex 38g/m²
Bottom surface Porcher Eazyfly
Internal structure Porcher Skytex Hard 40g/m²
Nose reinforcing Plastic wire 3.0mm, 2.5mm, and 2.0mm
Risers 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Pulleys Sprenger
Top lines Liros PPSL
Middle lines Liros PPSL
Lower lines Liros TSL
Brakes Liros PPSL, DSL