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Wasp Motor

Easy Hybrid

Positioned on the safer end of the EN/LTF-B range and DGAC, the Wasp is a rock solid glider that everyone will feel comfortable flying.


25 27 30


  S M L
Linear scaling factor 0.96 1 1.04
Projected area (m²) 21.6 23.4 25.3
Flat area (m²) 25.2 27.3 29.5
Glider weight (kg) 5 5.4 5.7
Total line length (m) 302 328 355
Height (m) 6.8 7 7.3
Number of main lines (A/B/C) 3/4/3
Cells 44
Flat aspect ratio 4.9
Projected aspect ratio 3.6
Root chord (m) 2.8 2.9 3.1
Flat span (m) 11.9 12.4 12.9
Projected span (m) 8.7 9.1 9.5
Trim speed (km/h) 38
Top speed (km/h) 50
Min sink (m/s) 1
Best glide 8.5
PPG weight range (kg) 65-105 80-125 100-145
Free-flight weight range (kg) 65-85 85-105 100-120
Certification (EN/LTF) B
Airworthiness Certificate Yes


The WASP is a rock-solid wing at the safer end of its certification, and very comfortable to fly. It’s king of ease-of-use, with an outstandingly easy launch behaviour but we haven’t forgotten abut performance or handling: BGD gliders are renowned for their great handling, and the WASP is no exception – it’s responsive and great fun to fly. It’s also very versatile – it has EN/LTF B certification for free-flying, and double-hangpoint PPG risers mean it can be flown with any kind of PPG harness.

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Baby A-riser

We have added a 'big ears' A riser which is also on a ½ ratio with the rest of the A lines. This facilitates easy use of big ears while helping speed and stability while on bar. The speed system is light and simple without reflex really helping glide at speed.

Chord Cut Billow (CCB)

Chord Cut Billow technology has been developed to improve the form friction, glider stability and overall performance of our paragliders. Two seams run chord-wise across the top panels of the leading edge to accommodate the panel ballooning that happens when the wing is inflated. Up to five centimetres of excess material is created on the sides of an inflated flat panel bending over a wing profile. Chord Cut Billow technology absorbs the material with a 3D panel resulting in fewer ripples and improved rib profile shape and stability.

Elliptical arc

A high and elliptical arc gives the wing good handling, and makes it more stable under power.

Elliptical cell openings

We have found that elliptical cell openings give better lower surface tension making for smoother inflation, and re-inflation after collapses.

High or low hangpoint ready

In order to maximise versatility this wing caters to both low and high hangpoint paramotors. Brake pulley loops, tip-steering pulleys and snap locks are fitted for both positions, making the switch quick and easy.

Progressive Stability

Progressive stability has been designed into all our gliders to help pilots feel turbulence and avoid it. This makes for safer and more comfortable flying.

Replaceable brake pulleys

With a simple around-and-through, you can easily replace those squeaky old brake pulleys or switch them for rings.

Snap Locks

Snap Locks are lightweight, compact attachments that effortlessly connect the brakes to the risers. A small focused magnet inside the catch and an internal locking system hold the handle in place, releasing only if the handles are pulled down towards the pilot. This unique design feature means the handles don’t fall off while kiting, packing, or performing manoeuvres. The Snap Lock system solves many of the problems associated with press-studs and magnets.


The WASP is a reliable, easy and safe PPG wing that’s suitable for new pilots fresh out of school, and perfect to progress on. Easy to launch, comfortable and forgiving, it’s a low-stress wing which will leave brain-space free for enjoying the view, route-planning or navigation.

Designer's notes

The WASP benefits from our latest evolution in glider design. It’s characterised by a clean and simple wing structure and a modest aspect ratio. Cord Cut Billow technology has allowed us to obtain a very clean, smooth leading edge, enhancing both performance and stability. Plastic leading-edge reinforcements gives the nose good structure and a clean shape, and and elliptical cell openings mean better tension of the lower surface, making for smoother inflation and re-inflation after collapses. Thanks to its optimised line layout, the WASP has a total line length of just 328m on the M size – that translates to less drag and more performance.

Flying Level / Style

Package includes

Paraglider / Compression strap / Riser bag / Stuff sack / Rucksack / Repair cloth / Manual card / BGD stickers / BGD giveaway


Top surface Porcher Evolution 40-45g/m²
Bottom surface Dominico D20 36g/m²
Internal structure Dominico D30 DFM / N20
Nose reinforcing Plastic wire 2,5mm and 2,0 mm
Risers 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Pulleys Harken and Sprenger
Top lines Liros DSL – sheathed Dyneema
Middle lines Liros TSL
Lower lines Liros TSL
Brakes Liros DSL