BGD Team

Navid Saleki

  • 国家 Sweden
  • 飞行资历 2014
  • 现场所用的伞具 BGD Luna 2
  • 最喜爱飞行埸地 Desert, Archipelagos
  • 职位 Project manager
  • 运动 Paramotoring, BMX, Downhill


BGD Paramotor Team



Pretty early in my life i was told to aim high and hit lower, I am always into trying new things. Back in 2014 I suddenly decided I wanted to fly wingsuit so I started Skydiving. Soon after I stopped because I was not “flying” long enough so i never flew wingsuit. Then I tried paragliding but i could not fly enough as I needed special conditions and location. Then I discovered paramotoring which in my opinion is the best of both worlds and now i am all into making it my second nature! Say yes more and we’ll meet in the sky! 


MOORA Cup Winner (Year)
BMX Freestyle World championships 1st place (2008)
London Vibes 1st place (2009)
European Championships Downhill MTB 13th place (2018)
Adventure pilot Oman Paramotor Tour (2018)


Navid Saleki
Navid Saleki
Navid Saleki
Navid Saleki
Navid Saleki


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