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Performance Reflex

Our reflex paramotor wing


22 27
22 27


  22 27
线性比例 0.91 1
投影面积 (m²) 19.1 22.8
平铺面积 (m²) 22 26.7
重量 (kg) 6 7
高度 (m) 6.4 7
主伞绳数 (A/B/C) 3/4/3/2
气室数 52
平铺展弦比 5.4
中心弦长 (m) 2.5 2.7
平铺翼展 (m) 10.9 12
投影翼展 (m) 8.6 9.5
配平速度 (km/h) 39
最大速度 (km/h) 65
最小下沉率 (m/s) 1.1
最佳滑翔比 9
飞行全重范围 (kg) 80-115 105-150
Free-flight weight range (kg) 60-85 80-105
Airworthiness Certificate Yes


Designed by Bruce, the Luna is a paramotor wing with Cord Cut Billow (CCB) along the leading edge. CCB helps keep the Luna’s reflex profile perfect making the wing really stable at all speeds. The Luna is an EN-C rated wing coming from the Puma (Airwave).

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Reflex profile

A reflex profile means better stability at high speeds.

Tip Steering Toggles

We have added dedicated magnetically fastened tip steering handles into the glider to make high-speed manoeuvres easy and safer.

Progressive Stability

Progressive stability has been designed into all our gliders to help pilots feel turbulence and avoid it. This makes for safer and more comfortable flying.


The Luna is the wing that will take pilots from their first flights to completions. The Luna’s reflex profile creates a simple balance of speed and performance making it perfect for exploring the world.


With the Luna we focused on the wing’s easy inflation, fun maneuverability, stability, and top speed. We believe we have found a great combination for paramotoring.

I wanted to make a wing that would be easy to launch and have a short tale off distance but also fast and stable for cruising.

I designed a relatively large size of 27m2 flat area and added a reflex section with long trimmers. I found the large surface area of the wing gives early lift and trimmers out we get excellent stability at speed. It is just a easy wing under power.

飞行水平 / 风格


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上翼面 Porcher 40g/m²
下翼面 Dominico N30 42g/m²
上层伞绳 Liros DSL – sheathed Dyneema
中层伞绳 Liros TSL
下层伞绳 Liros TSL
刹车绳 Liros DSL


PPG trans-Maldives


During a 1000km open ocean traverse of the Maldives BGD team pilots Ant and Tim Green captures these stunning images of our DGAC certified Echo and Luna PPG wings. 更多