Reem Hamad Al-Kuthairi


Reem Al-Kuthairi is the first female in the middle east and the only female Qatari until today with a microlight license NPPL (national private license) done in 2014 in the UK. The first female in Qatar to own an aircraft registered under her name A7-URD. Practices winter and mountain peaks flying yearly in France as a very advanced microlight weight-shift flying with skis rather than wheel. Passionate about aviation, in particular light sports aviation. Flies different types of ultralight aircrafts. Other than weight-shift she flies microlight fixed-wing, gyrocopter and plan for the PPL license soon. In 2020 she had the APPI PPG with Skymasters flying club in Qatar and quickly building up her hours and skills. Graduated with a bachelor of physical education and sports science and works in the sport and fitness field. She is a former handball player with Qatar national team. Her future plan is to get more into the airsports, discover new places around the world where she can fly and represent her country, Qatar, when possible in this field. Reem has been on newspaper, TV and social media as an influencer to the community female in particular and for being the first in the middle east in this field. Currently working on two documentary projects about her and how she discovered this field.


  • Vuela desde 2014
  • Equipamiento actual : Magic Motor
  • Sitios top : Chamonix, Val Thoren, Tigne, Meribel and Valminier France. Oludeniz, Turkey. San diego, USA. Grindelwald, Switzerland. Sealine beach, Qatar.
  • Show : Senior Health and Exercise Coach
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Former Handball player with Qatar National team. Sport Pilot Recreational Athlete
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