Alan Braga


He learned to fly Paramotor with his father, in 2009. In 2012 he was a Paraglider pilot and in 2014 he became a Paramotor instructor and remains active until today. In 2017 he started in FAI competitions getting the first place in the State Ranking and the 6th place in the Brazilian Ranking. In 2018 he represented Brazil together with the Brazilian team in the World Paramotor Championship held in Thailand. In 2019 he became a Brazilian champion. He knew BGD since he did only free flying, but at that time he was flying Airwave. With a paramotor the first contact was through the local dealer who provided a Luna 2 for testing. He chose to fly with BGD because he liked the performance of the wing, and also its design. His main objective is FAI competitions, and in parallel, he is focusing in long distance flights.

#Competition, #Shutterbug

  • Alter : 39
  • Fliegt seit : 2009
  • Aktuelle Ausrüstung : Luna 2 20
  • Gig : Paramotor Instructor
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