90 110 135 210/LITE
Вес (kg) 1.4 1.7 2 2.8
Загрузка (max)(kg) 90 110 135 210
Площадь (m²) 24 29.2 35.8 55.8


We believe our OOPS reserve parachute systems are the most reliable and safest around. They are EN certified, tested to the highest standards, because we don’t want to have to think twice if we really need to use them.

The OOPS is a hand-thrown emergency pull-down apex parachute. It is CNC precision cut and manufactured to the highest standards from the best quality materials we could find. It is available in four sizes for maximum take-off weights of 90kg, 110kg, 135kg, and a lightweight tandem version that goes up to 210kg.

The reserve comes with a fast-opening lightweight deployment bag made of high strength rip-stop with 4 holding flaps. It is compatible with most standard paragliding harnesses.

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Втянутая вершина

Втянутая вершина уменьшает скорость снижения, увеличивает стабильность и безопасность.

Лёгкие прочные материалы

Мы используем тщательно продуманную комбинацию парашютной ткани AF0801B, Lanex, и стропы Edelrid, нам удалось снизить вес до минимума, в тоже время сохраняя исключительную прочность и долговечность.

210 is a ultra-light tandem reserve

In addition to our already very light and durable range the 210 is a ultra-light reserve weighing in at only 2.8kg it is one of the lightest reserves on the market without jeopardizing safety or durability.

CNC щели

CNC quality cut panels помогают улучшить стандартизацию и контроль качества запасного парашюта.

Петли упрощения переукладки

Мы добавили петли для упаковки чтобы сделать переукладку запасного парашюта простой, последовательной и безопасной.

Целевая аудитория

Wind, weather, and people are unpredictable; if you’re off the ground you should have an OOPS reserve parachute with you. If it all goes wrong, a reserve parachute is your last and best option to come gently come back to Earth.

В коплекте

Reserve parachute / Manual / Inspection booklet / Y-bridal (210) / Shackle (90, 110, 135) / manual / BGD stickers

Заметки Брюса

Whether I'm test-flying or teaching flying courses, I demand the very best reserve parachute possible. As a family man, I wont risk anything especially not my plan-B and neither should you. I highly recommend always flying with an OOPS reserve but please, try not to use it!


Reserve AF0801B - Parachute fabric
Lines Lanex and Edelrid
Riser 20mm strap - Mouka Tišnov
Karabiner maillon 6,0 CI - Maillon Rapide