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Dual Motor


A DGAC/EN-B rated versatile tandem paramotor wing, designed by Bruce to maximise the fun.


Площадь m²



Проекционная площадь (m²) 34.33
Площадь (m²) 40
Вес крыла (kg) 7.5
Общая длина строп (m) 450
Высота (m) 9.4
Количество основных рядов (A/B/C) 3/4/3/2
Воздухозаборники 52
Удлинение 5.3
Проекционное удлинение 3.9
Хорда (m) 3.5
Длина крыла 15.6
Проекционная длина крыла 11.5
Триммерная скорость (km/h) 42
Максимальная скорость (km/h) 52
Минимальная скорость снижения (m/s) 1
Качество 9
Полетная весовая вилка (kg) 120-240
Free-flight weight range (kg) -
Сертификация DGAC EN/LTF-B


The Dual is a both DGAC/EN-B rated versatile tandem paramotor wing, designed by Bruce to maximise the fun. With one size at 40m² flat and a weight range of 120 - 250 kg it is the ideal size for light tandem trikes and tandem paramotors.

We have added CCB to the Dual’s leading edge to improve inflation, stability, and performance. The Dual is equipped with trimmers that create a light reflex profile when engaged so pilots can adjust the trim according to their setup and enjoy stable speed while touring.

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Элементы Дизайна

Power Steering

Our tandems have been designed to respond very effectively to the brakes coupled with a ultra light brake pressure gives the feeling of ‘power steering’. This makes the handling closer to that of a solo wing.

Технология Cord Cut Billow

Технология Cord Cut Billow была разработана для уменьшения трения поверхности крыла с воздухом, стабильности и общих характеристик качества наших парапланов. Два дополнительных шва проходят по хорде поперек верхних жесткостей передней кромки и помогают при наполнении крыла. До 5 сантиметров избыточного материала создается внутри крыла по сторонам воздухозаборника. Технология Cord Cut Billow поглощает материал с помощью 3D-панели, что приводит к уменьшению деформации по жесткостям крыла, улучшению формы и стабильности.

Прогрессивная стабильность

Прогрессивная стабильность была разработана для всех наших крыльев чтобы помочь пилотам в турбулентных условиях и избежать сложений. Это делает полет безопаснее и комфортнее.

Стабильность во время полета

Это все для того чтобы ваш пассажир наслаждался полетом!

Snap locks

Snap Locks - это лёгкие, компактные крепления клевант к свободным концам. Небольшой магнит внутри защёлки и внутренняя система блокировки отпускает клеванту, только если потянуть вниз в направлении пилота. Эта конструкция позволяет клевантам оставаться на месте крепления во время наземки, упаковки или выполнения маневров. Система Snap Lock решает многие проблемы с заклепками и магнитами..

Tandem Trimmers

Trimmers allow the pilot to let out or shorten the training edge of the profile essentially reducing to increasing the angle of attack thus speeding up or slowing down the air speed, respectively. The trimmer webbing has been designed to be replaceable if they become worn.

Replaceable brake pullies

With a simple around-and-through, you can easily replace those squeaky old brake pulleys or switch them for rings.

Tandem Risers

Our tandem risers have been rigorously tested by our fleet of tandem professionals and thoroughly live up to the task.

Two FAI World Records

This tandem holds 2 FAI world records for distance and altitude. Ant Green and Elliot Nochez broke the altitude world record flying over 5066m above the Mont Blanc and Ruben Vicente Crespo and Jose Ramon Martin broke the distance world record by flying 568km during a 10 hour flight across Spain.


Do you live and breathe paramotoring? Have you given up trying to explain to friends and family what it feels like and now offer to take them tandem? Has it turned into a business or stayed a fun bonus to solo flying? The Dual tandem paramotor wing was made for you.

The Dual is designed for commercial and hobby paramotor/paratrike/motorhead pilots who use this aircraft as a safe tool to maximise the flying experience with their friends, family and customers. We think paramotoring provides amazing feelings of flight; this paramotor wing is designed to share these sensations with others. Thanks to Bruce’s easy launch, power steering and Cord Cut Billow (CCB), the Dual is for the pilot that wants impeccable safety, easy launch/landing characteristics, light handling, reflex stability, brilliant performance and stable speed.

Заметки Брюса

When I fly tandem paramotors I don’t feel like I have enough control over the wing, especially while turning. I think this is because a tandem wing is usually faster, holding more energy and inertia than a solo wing. Personally, I don't have enough strength in my arms to make the glider do what I want. I am not going to start weight training so I designed the Dual to have softer and, most importantly, very reactive brakes. This gives the pilot more authority for launching, flying and landing, and feels more like a solo wing.

While producing the Dual we focused a lot of energy into the launch/landing characteristics. The Dual has a smooth progressive inflation that allows the pilot time to correct and adapt for changes in wind or terrain. It does not rip the pilot or shoot hard during high wind launching and self stabilizes once over head. Tandem pilots love this since they can’t always fly on nil wind days.

Полетный Уровень / Стиль

Доставка содержит

Paraglider / Rucksack / 2 karabiners / Replacement Trimmers / BGD T-shirt / USB stick with manuals / BGD stickers


Top surface Porcher 40g/m²
Bottom surface Dominico D20 36g/m²
Internal structure Dominico D30 DFM / N20
Nose reinforcing Plastic wire 2,5mm and 2,0 mm
Risers 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Pulleys Ronstan/Harken P18 pulleys
Top lines Liros DSL
Middle lines Liros TSL
Lower lines Liros TSL
Brakes Liros DSL

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