Discovery Adventure E01 Trailer




Official Trailer for Discovering Adventure Episode 1 is the pilot video documenting 5-year old, Isabelle Green's, greatest adventure yet: traveling with her family to Norway to SKY CAMP in the winter snow, PARAGLIDE over barren mountain ranges and DRIVE dog sled teams. In her parents', Tim & Maile's, capable hands along with a scant but seasoned crew of sailors, navigators and explorers, she is immersed in a series of breathtaking experiences in the wintry north. This 24-minute film is as much about Isabelle diving head first into amazing experiences as it is about Maile and Tim parenting along the way. Join the Green family as they continue Discovering Adventure together! Follow them on Facebook for updates on episodes: Huge thanks to: ACTUARIS Crosscall BGD DAHU Goal Zero Parajet The North Face Julbo Eyewear Vittorazi Motors ZAGSKIS Supair Pomoca Handpresso Helices E-Props Hi-Tech Carbon Propellers MOMA Summit to Eat and our amazing local contacts: Jørgen Eilertsen , Kurt Arild Larsen , Tommy Hågensen, Tommy Larsen with "Team Lyngen", Svein-Harald Utgård and Gunnar Pettersen

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