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Promote your company/sponsor/movement with a custom logo. Since 2016 we have been producing high quality cut-in and stuck-on custom-logo paragliders.

  • Custom colour schemes
  • Low weight cut-in logos
  • Durable stuck-on logos
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Since 2016 we have been producing quality custom paragliders with cut-in and/or stuck-on logos. Cut-in logos are designed into the panels of the paraglider and sewn together during the construction. We recommend this method for larger logos, as the results are significantly better and this method avoids adding a lot of extra weight to the wing. For smaller logos or intricate or detailed artwork, we recommend using stuck-on logos. Please contact your local dealer if you are interested in a custom logo order. He or she will be able to assist you in determining the best solution for your paraglider, and will provide you with a quote.


  • We can only accept expanded vectorised artwork (.ai, .eps, etc.). Logos in .jpeg, .png, etc. cannot be accepted.
  • Place and position the logo on your wing using our downloadable design templates. Do not place the logo over the top surface CCB region (leading edge cuts).
  • Cut-in and custom colour wings can only be made with our available colours.
  • Unless otherwise specified, custom paragliders will retain the standard print markings: (centre logo, BGD logo and glider name logo).
  • Delivery time is a minimum of 4-5 weeks after artwork confirmation and payment.


Logo design sheets