Ant Green

united states

With his twin brother Tim, Ant was born and raised in California, USA. They spent much of their childhood pushing the boundaries of their favorite sports including snow skiing, sailing, water skiing, and other adventure sports. By age 16, his passion for adventure led him to paragliding. Ant went to university in Paris, France, receiving a degree in Film Studies, International Business and applied Mathematics. Ant works from his home in Morzine, France for BGD.


  • Edad : 37
  • Vuela desde : 2004
  • Equipamiento actual : Lynx
  • Sitios top : Aiguille du Midi, FR Owens Valley, US Col Rodello, IT Col de Bleyne, FR Mardi Himal, NP
  • Show : Graphic Design, marketing, filmmaking
  • Rellenos para el mal tiempo : Skiing, sailing, kite surfing, wake boarding, speed riding, tennis,
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Durante una travesía de 1.000 km en pleno mar por las Maldivas, los pilotos del equipo BGD Ant y Tim Green capturaron estas espectaculares imágenes de nuestras alas de paramotor Echo y Luna, certificadas DGAC. Más



Los pilotos Tim y Ant Green vuelan a Groenlandia para vivir la aventura de su vida: volar con paramotor y esquiar en la costa occidental de Groenlandia. Descubren los remotos fiordos y glaciares de uno de los lugares más aislados del planeta y se... Más

Discovery Adventure tráiler E01


El tráiler oficial de Descovering Adventure, capitulo 1, es el episodio piloto que documenta la mayor aventura que ha vivido Isabelle Green, de 5 años, en su vida: un viaje con su familia a Noruega para hacer SKY CAMPING en la nieve invernal,... Más



Tim y Ant Green viajan a Chamonix para batir un récord mundial y dejar a Leo Slemett en el Mont Blanc du Tacul. Más

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Progress with the Magic, and join the flying community. Más

Punk - Technical Features


The Punk has loads of new techy bits. Bruce shows us a few in this video! Más

Kossen - 2018


The Super Paragliding Testival in Kossen Austria has done it again! Probably the only site in all the alps that was flyable everyday awith a epic XC day on Sunday. Pilots from all over flocked to this beautiful valley to test every paraglider under... Más

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The Flying Franchise take to the sky over Briancon with musical instruments and paragliders. Check out the spectacle! Más

Dual 2 -- Technical Features


Remember that feeling, the first time your feet leave the ground and you are soaring, feet in the clouds, viewing the world from a different perspective? If you could bottle that feeling and share it around … that’s what the DUAL 2 is for –... Más

Epic - Live the journey


When will your journey begin?

Camera - Ant Green, Rody Charoud, Maeva Giacometti
Voice Over - Alan Watts (Philosopher)
Talent - Kārlis Jaunpetrovičs, Signe Lillienskjold Knudsen, Bruce Goldsmith, Timothy Green
Music - Lossless - Bright Eyes -... Más

Coupe Icare - 2018


Bright sunshine and fluffy clouds graced this years' Coupe Icare festival where we launched our newest product the EN-B RIOT (the PUNK's lighter twin). Although the colour scheme may change for the final product a few prototypes could be seen flying... Más

Stubai - 2018


Stubai Cup 2018 we officially released our new high EN-B for demo. Our mission to put taste, control, and attitude back into gliders worked. Stubai gave us more amazing flying and we captured the money shots check out this video! Más

Stubai - 2017


The 2017 Stubai Cup was a hoot! Perfect flying conditions with pilots climbing to over 3,000m and making brilliant XC flights all over the valley. At the stand we had hundreds of pilots trying our new products. This year we had the chance to meet... Más

Kossen - 2019


BGD team pilots take advantage of 3,200m cloudbase during a classic day at Super Paragliding Testival Kossen, Austria. Thousands of pilots decended on this event during one of the largest testivals in the world. BGD showcased their whole range as... Más

Cruising over Stromboli


Cruising in from Volcano, Ant Green took off half way up Stomboli flying over one of the most active volcanoes. The volcano erupted a few times during the flight spewing out lava and causing shock waves from the explosions. A few days later the... Más

Cure 2 - Technical Features


From simulations of virtual prototypes to anew B/C steering system discover the Cure 2 and all the technology built into this revolutionary paraglider. Más

Opportunity - Philippines


Ant and Tim Green head out on an epic flying adventure in the Philippines. Más



Últimamente todos nos hemos quedado sin fundamento. Estamos en una época de cambios y la adaptabilidad hará toda la diferencia. Esperamos que esta película le ayude a pasar este momento y le lleve a un espacio de libertad que quizás nunca haya... Más

Fly the Summit - Full Episode


Tim and Ant Green head to Chamonix to break a world record and drop Leo Slemett off on Mont Blanc du Tacul. Más

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Produced by BGD Crew Ant Green, "In Madness Lies Wisdom" is a short lifestyle film with inspiration from Alain Watts. A few years in the making, it features some images I shot with Tim Green from some of our adventures in France, Spain, Maderia,... Más