Rob Condella

united states

Rob has had a love for everything outdoors and travelling ever since he was young. This passion started when he travelled with his father every weekend during the summer to BMX races throughout the United States. As Rob grew older, the adventures he found himself on became more frequent and the list of hobbies only kept growing. He loves the physical and mental challenges that travel and learning new sports presents. After participating in a multitude of outdoor adventure sports he discovered paramotoring and has been obsessed with flight ever since. This has provided him with an unparalleled freedom in the world of aviation. The ability to take off from and fly over beautiful terrain will only continue to fuel his fire for exploring new places. As a Mechanical Engineer, he loves the technical aspects of BGD’s wing design which are showcased in vibrant colours. His goal for the future is to continue being a respectable ambassador of the sport while always striving to become a more skilled and safe pilot

#Adventure, #Shutterbug

  • Возраст : 34
  • Летает с : 2020
  • Летает в данный момент на : Luna 3 18
  • Места полетов : The Valleys of Pennsylvania
  • Профессия : Pharmaceutical Engineer
  • Погодные условия : Mountain Biking, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Rock Climbing
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