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Dual Lite Motor


If you want to share your passion for adventure, the Dual LITE tandem paramotor wing is designed for you.




Área projetada (m²) 34.3
Área plana (m²) 40
Peso da vela (kg) 6.3
Comprimento total das linhas (m) 450
Altura (m) 9.4
Número de linhas principais (A/B/C) 3/4/3/2
Células 52
Alongamento plano 5.3
Alongamento projetado 3.9
Corda central (m) 3.4
Envergadura plana (m) 15.6
Envergadura projetada (m) 11.5
Velocidade de mão alta (km/h) 42
Velocidade máxima (km/h) 52
Taxa de queda (m/s) 1
Melhor planeio 9
Faixa de peso em voo (kg) 120-240
Homologação DGAC EN/LTF-B


On your next paramotoring trip, extra fuel, food or beer could be packed in your bag in place of the 1.1 kg of weight we skimmed off the Dual. With a mix of carefully allocated 27, 34, and 40-gramme cloth, the DGAC/EN-B certified Dual LITE feels like a light version of its parent, the Dual – with self floating inflations, power steering, loads of feedback and ultra-efficient characteristics. Lightweight means literally effortless inflations, improved safety, higher performance, and overall easier manoeuvrability.

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Células de Abertura Elíptica

Descobrimos que as aberturas elípticas de células proporcionam uma melhor tensão superficial no intradorso, favorecendo uma inflagem mais suave e uma melhor reabertura após colapsos.

Power Steering

Our tandems have been designed to respond very effectively to the brakes coupled with a ultra light brake pressure gives the feeling of ‘power steering’. This makes the handling closer to that of a solo wing.

Tandem Trimmers

Trimmers allow the pilot to let out or shorten the training edge of the profile essentially reducing to increasing the angle of attack thus speeding up or slowing down the air speed, respectively. The trimmer webbing has been designed to be replaceable if they become worn.

Cord Cut Billow

A tecnologia Cord Cut Billow foi desenvolvida para melhorar a forma do atrito, a estabilidade da vela e o desempenho geral dos nossos parapentes. Duas emendas percorrem os painéis superiores da borda principal para acomodar o formato elíptico do painel, que acontece quando a vela é inflada. Até cinco centímetros de excesso de material são criados nas laterais de um painel, que se curva sobre o perfil de vela. A tecnologia Cord Cut Billow absorve esse excesso com um painel 3D, resultando em menos ondulações, melhor forma e estabilidade do perfil da nervura.

Estabilidade progressiva

A estabilidade progressiva foi projetada em todos os nossos parapentes para ajudar os pilotos a sentirem as turbulências e evitá-las. Isso contribui para um voo mais seguro e confortável.

Replaceable Brake Pullies

With a simple around-and-through, you can easily replace those squeaky old brake pulleys or switch them for rings.

Snap locks

Snap Locks são acessórios leves e compactos que conectam sem esforço os batoques aos tirantes. Um pequeno ímã localizado dentro da trava e um sistema de trava interna prendem a alça no lugar, soltando apenas se as alças forem puxadas para baixo em direção ao piloto. Esse recurso de design exclusivo significa que as alças não caem durante um kite, o guardando ou a realizando manobras. O sistema Snap Lock resolve muitos dos problemas associados aos botões de pressão e aos ímãs.

Smooth Relaxed Feel

It is all about giving your passenger the best flying experience so we have designed a extra cushy smooth relaxed feel into this glider.

Tandem Risers

Our tandem risers have been rigorously tested by our fleet of tandem professionals and thoroughly live up to the task.

Two FAI World Records

This tandem holds 2 FAI world records for distance and altitude. Ant Green and Elliot Nochez broke the altitude world record flying over 5066m above the Mont Blanc and Ruben Vicente Crespo and Jose Ramon Martin broke the distance world record by flying 568km during a 10 hour flight across Spain.


When you’re not gallivanting around the world, do you constantly dream of your next big paramotor adventure? Have you pushed and found most of your mental and physical limitations? Do you feel most comfortable motoring high over jagged peaks and deep ravines? If you want to share your passion for adventure, the Dual LITE tandem paramotor wing is designed for you.

The Dual LITE is designed specifically for adventurous paramotor teams. Its safety, performance, and weight have all been optimised for big paramotor flights and long paramotoring trips. It has the best launch/landing characteristics , handling, and performance we could pack into 6.35kg, so if you’re looking for the best you can get your oily hands on, look no further.

Notas do Bruce

I designed the Dual LITE to push the limits of what is possible in the sport of paramotoring. It worked. Whether it is a simple flight with a friend or a long record-breaking paramotor expedition, the Dual LITE delivers. The Dual LITE currently holds the tandem paramotor altitude world record of 5,066m by our test pilot Ant Green. I look forward to seeing what else it is capable of.

Like the Dual, the Dual LITE is a wing that has a very clean leading edge (Cord Cut Billow) making the low cell count (50 cells) feasible thus reducing the line consumption and complexity of the paraglider. I think the Dual LITE really benefits from the Dual’s renowned light handling. Its launching characteristics even surprised me – the wing progressively floats up with very little effort from the pilot. Once overhead it self stabilized and follows the pilots commands.

Voo Nível / Estilo

Embalagem inclui

Parapente / Mochila / 2 karabiners / Trimers sobressalentes / Kit de reparo / Saco do velame / Saco dos tirantes / Fita de compressão / BGD T-shirt / USB stick with manuals / BGD stickers


Top surface Dominico N30 42g/m²
Bottom surface Porcher Skytex 27g/m²
Internal structure Porcher Skytex Hard 27-32g/m²
Pulleys Ronstan/Harken P18 pulleys
Risers 20mm Kevlar/Nylon webbing
Lower lines Liros TSL
Brakes Liros DSL
Top lines Liros DC
Middle lines Liros TSL
Nose reinforcing Plastic wire 2,5mm and 2,0 mm

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