Alberto Lira Montalvo


Alberto Lira Montalvo began paragliding at an early age in 2001 when he was only 15 years old. In 2005 he began to fly in Paramotor because the closest flight area for the practice of free flight (Algodonales) is almost 2 hours from his residence which is located in the Guadalquivir valley in Lora del Río (Seville). The Paramotor gave him the ease and freedom to fly almost every day a few meters from his house. In 2018 he began working as an instructor at the School of Paragliding and Paramotor of Seville and Algodonales - Paralaire -. Also performing tandem flights both in free flight and in Paratrike. He was attracted to this sport when he saw it for the first time with his friend in 2001. He became his teacher and they are still flying together. It has become part of his lifestyle, since 2018 he has been working as an instructor and as a tandem and Paratrike pilot, which makes breathe the sport every day. He loves BGD because they make paragliders that give him a lot of confidence, he tested all the models both in Free Flight and Paramotor and each one perfectly meets its level and performance. Above all he is delighted with his Luna2 20 and his Cure2. He plans to be in all possible concentrations in the South of Spain and he is preparing for the “Paramotor Race 2021” competition, "it is a competition that crosses Andalusia from Huelva to Almería 515km in a single day". Alberto lives with his wife and his son and is really grateful for their support. On his words: "I have a wonderful wife and a very handsome 2 and a half year old son who give me strength every day. I love them."

#Adventure, #Competition, #Acrobatic

  • Age : 38
  • Flying since : 2001
  • Current kit : Luna 2 and Cure 2
  • Top sites : Lora del Río, Bornos and La Puebla de los Infantes And for paragliding: Algodonales, El Bosque
  • Gig : Instructor and Tandem Pilot
  • Bad weather fillers : Paramotoring and Paragliding