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School Hybrid
Take the leap and discover that feeling of freedom
Fun Hybrid
Your journey begins now. Get up and discover what the world has to offer
Lightweight Hybrid
When your mission is to discover the world, make it as easy as possible.
Easy Reflex
A safe and forgiving progression wing, with a flurry of speed and burst of performance to take your flying further
Performance Reflex
Widening the possibilities of airborne exploration. Now available in 18m²!
Heavyweight Trikes
The Cyclone is a semi-reflex paramotor wing made to carry heavy loads: it’s a whirlwind of strength, with a surprisingly light touch.
Adventure Tandem
If you want to share your passion for adventure, the Dual LITE tandem paramotor wing is designed for you.
Ground handling
Great pilots were first great ground handlers. Learn to kite, grow your skills.