BGD Team

Anne-Sophie Lemesle

  • 国家 France
  • 飞行资历 2012
  • 现场所用的伞具 BGD Adam S, BGD Echo XS
  • 最喜爱飞行埸地 Meduno, Italy
  • 职位 Service Delivery Manager
  • 运动 Climbing, skiing


BGD Accuracy Team / BGD Adventure Team



I have always been curious about the feeling of flying. When I was a teenager I was booked twice for a tandem flight unfortunately both got cancelled due to bad weather. Slowly, I forgot about this dream until I received a newsletter offering a 3 days paragliding course. I immediately signed up and got airborne for the first time in September 2012 in Hungary, where I lived. Since my free time and my holidays are dedicated to paragliding, I travel Europe to attend trainings and events to push my skills a bit further everyday.


​2nd woman and 4th overall in accuracy landing in France in 2017
3rd woman and 7th overall in accuracy landing in Hungary in 2017
Participating with my Adam to the Red Bull Elements 2017 with a 5 days notice and no hike and fly experience


Anne-Sophie Lemesle
Anne-Sophie Lemesle
Anne-Sophie Lemesle
Anne-Sophie Lemesle
Anne-Sophie Lemesle


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