BGD Team

Loic Lefevre

  • 国家 France
  • 飞行资历 2011
  • 现场所用的伞具 BGD Cure, BGD Dual
  • 最喜爱飞行埸地 Vallouise(Ecrins), col d’Izoard(Queyras), Séderon(Drôme)
  • 职位 Nurse / Paragliding instructor
  • 运动 Climbing / Ski touring


BGD XC Team / BGD Adventure Team



Since I started paragliding 6 year ago, I experimented many way to fly in many country. And now I can say, I'm a paragliding addict! The feeling of freedom when you spent 10 hours in the sky like a bird, flying from a summit to another is incredible.
Last summer I flew more than twenty times above the Ecrins National Parc, in solo or tandem. I love this place because it's so wild and I love flying above huge summit with awesome glacier. I like to share those incredibles moments in making nice video from there.
This year I start my course to become a paragliding instructor. Like that I could transmit my passion.


Last summer (FAI 118km, FAI 130km, FAI 155km, FAI 160 km, FAI 168km, FAI 179km)
Since this autumn I am in second position all glides included at the french XContest (


Loic Lefevre
Loic Lefevre
Loic Lefevre
Loic Lefevre


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