BGD Team

Matjaž Ferarič

  • 国家 Slovenia
  • 飞行资历 1987
  • 现场所用的伞具 BGD Adam
  • 最喜爱飞行埸地 Lake Toba - Sumatra, Indonesia
  • 职位 Sport teacher for children with special needs
  • 运动 Paragliding and Basketball


BGD Accuracy Team



I fly paragliders designed by Bruce Goldsmith since 1990 and my loyalty is topped only by Arna.

In 1987 i started flying and in the first year i discovered the 3rd course, this is how strongly i was addicted. In 1990 i flew in the Himalaya from the Nanga Parbat. Soon i started teaching new paragliding enthusiasts and organized competitions in accuracy landing. Among them also the Slovenian Cup from 1996 . In 2000 I competed in the World Cup in Great Britain.


  • World championship - Nova Gorica 2003, Trakai, Litva 2007 (+5 times team winner)
  • World games (non-olympic games)  - Ciali Columbia 2013
  • World cup winner, 2008, 2010. 2011, 2012, 2013 in 2015


Matjaž Ferarič
Matjaž Ferarič
Matjaž Ferarič
Matjaž Ferarič


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