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Lukas Thöni

  • Country Austria
  • Flying Since 2008
  • Current Glider BGD Cure
  • Favourite flying sites North, East and South Tirol
  • Job Nursing assistant
  • Sports Paragliding, Climbing, Mountain Biking and Hikin



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I am very often in the mountains on the road and I in search 'm always try something new, so I signed up for a training day at the flying school. After the first lifted off the ground, I was blown away. Fever paragliding grabbed me and I find the same with training. My best friend started at exactly the same time with the formation of which was great so we were every day together in the air. And together makes everything more fun.

From then on, it turns all around flying. ;-D
I hope I have many happy hours in the air.


  • 170km open Distance at 2014
  • My highest fly was above 4500 meter in my old Hometown
  • At the Moment i am on 7th Platz at the XContest Juniors ranking
  • Flying over the Ortler Mountain 4000m with a lot of Glacier and a 130 Fai Triangle

Additional pictures

Lukas Thöni
Lukas Thöni
Lukas Thöni
Lukas Thöni
Lukas Thöni

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