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Richi Mantilla Gomez

  • Country Colombia
  • Flying Since 1994
  • Current Glider BGD Base, BGD Dual
  • Favourite flying sites Chicamocha Canyon , Colombia
  • Job Colombia paragliding
  • Sports All


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I started here in Colombia in 1994 and flew for 4 years almost everyday, then I went to USA in 1998 to get my licenses and live there. Got my ratings as a Tandem Instructor and Basic Instructor. I started my own paragliding company in USA in 2002 and then started my adventure life doing paragliding tours around USA and working first as a tandem Instructor, then I started teaching and moved back to Colombia in 2006 to set up my company here with great success since then. 
In 2012 I did South America one year in motorcycle, (46.000 km ) flying everywhere in South America and in the past 3 years I have been in Europe doing a 3 month trip each year from 2014, 2015, 2016 and this year again. I have now more than 650 students all foreigners and from the last 2 years I have been BGD distributor here with lots of sales  


Being flying for many years almost everyday and in many many sites in the world.
I have flown more than 2000 passangers and still do it.
I have teach more than 650 students from all over the world.
Adventure pilots for 24 years.  Fly Fly Fly !!

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Richi  Mantilla Gomez
Richi  Mantilla Gomez
Richi  Mantilla Gomez
Richi  Mantilla Gomez

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