It's that feeling!, Two steps and away!, Riot – Walk on the Wild Side, Rebelde, divertido e luminosos, Brand New!, NEW COLORS!, Time for Change, Be the Predator, ECHO is out!, EN-B ECHO is Now Available!, Fully Certified! EN-B Base Lite, The Diva is our CCC class paraglider, BruceTube is live!, Have an Epic season!, The EN-B Certified Base Lite!, The EN-B Epic is now available!, The Epic is out!, Epic summer and spring over Roquebrune, France., Light, fast, and high performing!, DGAC Certified tandem paramotor wing!, The EN-C CURE is curing pilots all over!, EN-C CURE in Halogen colour scheme!, Bruce Goldsmith's cover shot of his new book 50 Ways to Fly Better, The EN-B BASE in Aurora color scheme!, The Dual Lite currently holds the Altitude world record of 5,066m, by Ant Green, Snug - Fits like a Glove!, EN-B Wasp - in the Peacock colour scheme!, Stubai, Austria - Ant enjoying amazing flying conditions under a EN-C Tala LITE, Bruce Goldsmith navigating the Marmolada, Italy., Our new Dual Lime colour scheme., EN/LTF-A Adam over Gourdon, France., Tala LITE in Stubai, Austria during the festival., The Luna in colours Young over Greolieres, France., Ant Green testing the EN/LTF-A Adam., Dual LITE sunset over Monaco., Bruce thermalling the Tala LITE over Monaco., Benedikt Bös under a Luna 22., Evening flight on the Dual Lite over Roquebrune beach, Stefan Gujer launching a EN-C TALA LITE from Cimetta Ticino, Switzerland., Adam spiral dive near Goudon, The WASP (low level EN/LTF-B) in the new Parrot colour scheme., Dual Lite in Roquebrune, Two Adams, Tala Lite over Roquebrune beach, Adam in Gourdon, Zest CCB, Tala Lite over Monaco, Zest wingover in Roquebrune, Base and Tala playing together, Adam in Gourdon, The Luna is our new reflex paramotor wing!, Wingovers sob uma tempestade em formação com o Tala S em St. Andre Les Alps, Planando o Wasp em Jersey C.I., Testando alguns Talas em St. Andre les Alps, Um Wasp sobre Mônaco, Bruce flies Tala in Castelluccio, Ant flies the Tala on the Spanish coast, Um Dual sobre Gourdon, Um Dual sobre Mônaco, Wasp em Jersey C.I., BGD Power - Discover our whole range, Base and Tala playing together, "Young" coloured Luna in Rome, Italy, Testando o Tala ML e S em St. Andre Les Alps, Echo PPG - Discover the world!, Adam over village of Gourdon, Outro Dual sobre Mônaco., Bruce enroscando de Wasp na frente da decolagem de Gourdon, Ajustes finais no TALA, No WASP sobre Monaco, The Wasp over the castle of Segura de la Sierre, Spain during the FIA El Yelmo festival., Voos de teste sobre Gourdon em Janeiro, Um Wasp sobre Mônaco, Wasp EN-B, Tala ML voando nas térmicas de primavera em Greolieres, A Dual over the Village of Gourdon.


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