BGD Team

Ant & Tim Green

  • Country U.S.A
  • Flying Since 2004
  • Current Glider Zest, Cure, Dual Lite, Luna
  • Favourite flying sites ALL
  • Job Test Pilot at BGD
  • Sports Skiing, sailing, kitesurfing


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Twins, Timothy and Anthony Green were born in California and grew up with a wider home base than most, from northern California to Jersey, England.

The twins spent much of their childhood pushing the boundaries of their favorite sports water skiing, wakeboarding, and competition snow skiing. By the age of sixteen, their passion for adventure led them to obtaining pilot’s licenses to fly private aircraft.  Their fascination with the sky and aeronautics eventually led them to pursue paragliding as an extreme sport.

At the age of eighteen, the twins took advantage of their dual citizenship and moved to Chamonix, France, merging their passion for extreme sports and film into one.

They began entering competitions in an effort to progress faster and ranked 1st and 2nd in USA, 11th worldwide in synchronized paragliding, 2009 after winning the 2009 European Championship Freestyle Air in Switzerland and 2nd at Acrolac. Their latest project “Fly the Summit” took them to over 5km up over the Mont Blanc, simultaneously breaking the tandem paramotor world record.

The twins attended university in  Paris, France, and completed dual majors in Film Studies and International Business plus a cheeky minor in Applied Mathematics. Now, they are full time filmmakers, test pilots, and sponsored athletes. Working from project-to-project and all the adventures they had imagined including simultaneously breaking the tandem world record in paramotoring of 5,066. m.

They have completed award winning films including: Epic Aerials, Lift, Blind Visuals (Nissan Outdoor Games 2009), Flight (free in magazine DVD), Herb (Nissan Outdoor Games 2010), and now own and operate Cloudbase Productions.


Ranked 1st and 2nd in USA, 11th worldwide, in synchro paragliding - 2009. Winners of the european championship Freestyleair 2009 (Switzerland), 2nd Acrolac 2008 (France). World record holder.

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