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Ulrike Jüse

  • Country Norway
  • Flying Since 2013
  • Current Glider BGD Cure S
  • Favourite flying sites All mountains in Norway
  • Job Researcher, pharmacist
  • Sports Paragliding, skiing, cycling, kayaking, hiking, climbing



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I started my flying career in 1998 with hang gliding in the Alps, but when moving abroad some years later I couldn't bring my glider and had too little spare time to continue. Finally I converted to paragliding in 2013 after moving to Norway.
I love exploring the remote Norwegian mountains with my Cure and I always carry my vol-biv-kit and enough food for a day or two out. If you want to fly proper distances up here, you need to be self-supported and not afraid of walking a day or two if you have to. 


2017 first women in Norway over 100 km free distance
2018 first women in Norway over 150 km free distance
2018 first women on podium (2nd) of the Norwegian distance league
2018 flight to goal 118 km

Additional pictures

Ulrike Jüse
Ulrike Jüse
Ulrike Jüse
Ulrike Jüse

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