BGD Team

Quentin Debras

  • Country Belgium
  • Flying Since 2006
  • Current Glider BGD Cure L
  • Favourite flying sites Corimont, Belgium
  • Job Helicopter Air Transport Pilot Student
  • Sports Paragliding



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Dreaming of flying before I was able to walk, I always wanted to enjoy the beauty of Earth from above.
I fell into paragliding  as a young boy, following my father steps. He allowed me to fly by myself turning 14. Since then, I tried to compose with paragliding and my studies/ground obligations as best as I could. After my bachelor degree in 2016, I started my Helicopter Pilot trainee in order to become an helicopter professional pilot.
Whatever happens, I can’t imagine my future without flying.


Flew home, landing in my backgarden.
Always got a lot of fun up there, always landed safely.
1st sport @ Belgian Ardenne Paragliding Open 2017
2nd overall @ Belgian Aircross Challenge 2017

Additional pictures

Quentin  Debras
Quentin  Debras
Quentin  Debras
Quentin  Debras
Quentin  Debras

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